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Intro and a bit of Yuna rambling - Highest Summoner - for fans of Yuna from FFX/X-2 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Highest Summoner - for fans of Yuna from FFX/X-2

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Intro and a bit of Yuna rambling [May. 27th, 2007|08:43 am]
Highest Summoner - for fans of Yuna from FFX/X-2


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I was replaying the game a few days ago and reminded myself of why Final Fantasy X is my absolute favorite game ever. In this mood, I came onto livejournal and was browsing through the communities. I spotted this one, and I was like "Man! A Yuna community. I've gotta join that." So here I am.

I'd just like to say that Yuna is one of my favorite final fantasy females (the other being Aerith). I was enraptured with her the moment I saw her in Besaid (as I'm sure Tidus was). And I'm one of those few people who found that her development from X to X-2 was enjoyable to watch the entire way. There are some spoilers, though, so if anyone hasn't played the whole thing, it might be a bad idea to read the rest of this. :)

Playing X again, after a couple of years of not playing it much, I came across the scene where Tidus realizes that Yuna will die, and that she had hidden it the entire time from him. I've always found that to be a particularly intriguing aspect of Yuna's character. Her choice not to tell Tidus seems complex. On the surface, obviously, she doesn't tell him because he might object and try to stop her pilgrimage. As an outsider, he may not understand fully why she chose the way she did. Similarly, she is protecting him from the knowledge that he is leading her to a death sentence. Yuna has a very strong, protective character, and this is indeed another instance of it.

But watching it again, I really believe that the true reason Yuna didn't tell Tidus about her fade was exactly [i]because[/i] he didn't know. He was the only one who would talk of future, of plans, of expectations. It was something, if you notice, that no other member of her Guardians would discuss. No one talked about "after Sin". No one talked about "Yuna's Calm". It was too painful a subject to bring up. Even Rikku kept quiet.

Yuna was operating under a group that new her fate and was going along with her because they loved her. It was a heavy burden, and one of many that she absorbed into herself. But Tidus didn't know. And having him not know, I think, is one of the reasons that she fell in love so hard with him. He could talk of future blindly, he could talk of going places and doing things that her other guardians, who knew of her fate, could not. Tidus brought a sense of normality to her life.

So, after all this long-windedness, I wanted to say that I feel Yuna's deliberate choice not to tell Tidus stemmed in quite a large part from her need for him to be himself. She needed him to talk of the future, she needed the positive atmosphere he carried with him innately. Adn because [i]she[/i] did not tell him, her receptive and very intelligent Guardians also kept him in the dark. She preserved his ignorance long enough for him to be attached to her, so that when he did finally learn the truth, he was better able to understand and his love for her was strong enough to overcome the initial shock.

Sorry, it's a little long-winded. :) Thank you for allowing me to join.

From: silk_dilemma
2007-07-13 06:47 pm (UTC)
I very much agree with you. It's annoying when people just typecast Yuna as "Mary Sue" and not giving her character the credit it deservers. A good read!
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[User Picture]From: sammy_h
2008-11-10 04:25 am (UTC)
I began a replay yesterday, clocked in 16 hours and just got Rikku.

I agree and it's somewhat confirmed by something Tidus says as the party leaves Djose Temple - the only one really laughing that day was him. By the time he'd had a chance to sit down and consider his journey, he'd realised why Yuna had kept him in the dark; Yuna wanted joy and laughs during their journey, and the only one with that genuine capacity was an ignorant Tidus.

FFX is my favourite FF cast, and I've played most of them. I like to tell people that FFX is my FFVII :) Yuna + Tidus is love.
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